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Oh magazine | #58

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stories / culture / curiosities / makers / ideas

‘What would happen if...?’ How many bold and brilliant things have begun with those words? It’s
good to be curious. To challenge the status quo. Curiosity is creative – it’s the spark that led
that first person to create fire, to invent the wheel, to take to the sky. It’s fun to see the world through this curious frame – a world where everything is a source of wonder, with secrets to share. In issue 58 we explore everything from the nod of the daffodils to the liminal, primal pull of the water; the power of our own two hands, to the art available to all of us in the dregs and daily detritus. All it takes is a fresh perspective – and that’s what oh is all about, after all.

''Oh comely is a curious, honest and playful independent magazine. It’s a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life a little differently – where our readers are our writers and our models, too.
Each issue we pick a theme and see where it takes us. We try something old, something new and something that scares us a bit. Then we present our findings in a beautiful, artbook style, putting new writing, photography and illustration talent at the heart of it.
We believe good things come in threes. We began as the bedroom project of three pals at university and we’re now produced by a small publishing house started by another set of three friends.''
We’re 50 this issue – so, in our eyes, that means it’s time for a party. And what would be a party be without a spot of karaoke? In honour of the occasion, we’ve compiled some of our team’s favourite tunes. Whether you’re in public, in a car, or simply in your bedroom with a handy hairbrush/mic in hand, come join us in a good singsong…

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Taal: Engels

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